MEP/FP Engineering, Commissioning, Construction Administration

Advanced Technical College Chiller Replacement

Daytona State College’s Advanced Technology College (ATC) is a 160,000 square foot facility with classrooms, laboratories, and multipurpose areas. The building is comprised of a two story classroom area with an enclosed atrium and an attached single story shop and laboratory area. The ATC is designed to house a wide array of students in many different programs. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for the ATC include air-cooled chillers and pumps for cooling, electric resistance for heating, constant volume air handling units (AHU), variable air volume (VAV) AHUs, exhaust fans, direct expansion (DX) split systems, and a building automation system (BAS) for automatic control of the systems.

As the Prime Consultant to Daytona State College, SGM Engineering provided professional engineering services for the replacement of the Advanced Technology College building’s chiller plant. SGM’s team was selected to review and implement a study performed by another firm, which our designers determined not to be in the best interest of the College. For the purposes of obtaining a higher rebate and complying with Owner preference, we determined that an air-cooled chiller with thermal storage would be a better alternative to the other firm’s water-cooled chiller with ice storage option. The scope of services for this project entailed verifying the site’s existing HVAC systems; recommending and designing for the best chiller option for the College; assisting with Owner Direct Purchase; coordinating with the College’s Project Manager and purchasing department to prepare bid documents; obtaining appropriate permits; conducting construction administration; and assisting with final paperwork for energy/cash rebates from Florida Power & Light Company.