MEP/FP Engineering, Commissioning, Construction Administration

Fort Lauderdale Courthouse Chiller Plant Upgrade

SGM provided MEP/FP and Commissioning Services. The scope of work included the replacement of Water Cooled Chillers. New chilled water pumps were provided to accommodate variable primary pumping scheme. A differential pressure sensor was provided at the AHU furthest away from the CEP. Modular chiller units that can fit through the existing doors and/or louvers to eliminate the possibility of demolishing existing exterior walls related to the existing equipment replacement. There was a Refrigerant leak monitor in the chiller room that needed to be replaced to accommodate new chiller refrigerant type. Exhaust fan replaced and an audible and visual alarm was installed on exterior and interior of chiller room. The existing Cooling Tower required refurbishment, so SGM used existing cooling tower fans and fan controls with modification of condensing piping as required. For the CHW Pumping: Converting to a variable primary chilled water flow system with load balancing (pump and compressor staging as well as lead lag processes). New primary chilled water pump(s) and condenser water pump(s) with premium efficiency inverter rated motors with VFDs for speed control. Replaced all pump fittings including suction diffuser/strainer check valve, shut-off valves, flex connections, pressure ports and pressure gauges. Piping modifications as required for new design and replacement of rusted and leaking pipes. Non permeable pipe insulation to be per latest ASHRAE energy codes.