MEP/FP Engineering, Commissioning, Construction Administration

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Experience

SGM Engineering, Inc. has completed numerous projects for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) and has held a continuing contract with them since 2018. Some of the projects SGM has completed with GOAA include:

  • Warehouse Building 1400 Systems Condition Assessment
  • Blue Lot LED Lighting Report
  • Operations and Energy Star Audit of Satellite Buildings
  • TSA Office 2nd Level Plumbing Leak Assessment
  • Hyatt Rooftop Ductwork Assessment
  • A-Side Domestic Water Leak Design
  • GOAA Fountains
  • Hyatt Water Leak
  • Spirit Airlines Renovations
  • GOAA East and West Hall Seating
  • Hyatt AHU Replacement
  • Red Lot Lighting Study
  • Red Lot Parking Improvements
  • Remote Screening Facility – Chiller Replacement