MEP/FP Engineering, Commissioning, Construction Administration

North/South Building Automation System (BAS) Upgrade

SGM provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for the North/South Building Automation System Upgrade. The design included air handling units, VAVs, and the kitchen refrigeration system. The North/South Building Automation System consists of approximately 106 air handling units (AHU), 472 variable air volume units (VAV), 204 fan coil units (FCU), and a total of 18 network communication interface devices and is arranged in a token ring configuration.

As part of the overall project, SGM upgraded the BAS system to the latest technology compatible with ASHRAE and LEED certification. The new BAS met the LEED O+M v4 and in compliance with LEED v2009/v4 O+M standards and also defined in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2012. SGM was responsible for the overall BAS design and construction activities associated with the BAS upgrade, evaluating the existing BAS and conducting life cycle cost analyses to recommend the most cost-effective upgrades for Phase-ll Exhibit halls, meeting rooms and their ventilation systems. The new system saved Orange County over $70K per year in operation of existing AHUs, and their usage.