MEP/FP Engineering, Commissioning, Construction Administration

Orange County Convention Center Central Chiller Plant

SGM was responsible for designing and commissioning the Central Chiller Plant for the 2nd largest Convention Center in the Country, Orange County Convention Center. The total square footage of the Convention Center is 4,200,000 SF.
SGM designed & commissioned:

  • (10) 1,500 Ton water cooled chillers
  • 1,000 Ton water cooled swing chiller

Designs incorporated the use of reclaimed water as make-up water for each existing Cooling Towers. The Cooling Towers now are using Reclaimed Water for HVAC purposes. The chemical treatments were incorporated into the package to reduce the hardening of the water along with special coupons. This application had no bearing to the efficiency of the tower or the water cooled chillers.

The new design has saved Orange County Convention Center over $100,000 per year for drinking water, serving over 4,200,000 SF of facilities.

Orange County Chairman issued to SGM a certificate of recognition for outstanding design for a make-up water retrofit at the Convention Center- Central Utility Plant.