MEP/FP Engineering, Commissioning, Construction Administration

Osceola Technical College – Welding & CNC Program

SGM provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for the new Welding Classroom Building at Osceola Technical College. The mechanical scope of work included providing conditioned air for MDF, office conference, restrooms, and classrooms, ventilation of open spaces, and a dedicated ventilation system for welding equipment. The electrical scope included power distribution and connections to equipment, LED lighting, fire alarm system, and communications systems. Plumbing services included restroom and locker room fixtures and water connections for equipment requirements.

This stand alone classroom building has 2300 sqft welding lab, 2000 sqft CNC lab, two 1000 sqft classrooms, staff office, conference room, grouped student restrooms, individual staff restrooms, storage areas, and separate mechanical, electrical, and systems rooms. Building is steel framed structure with CMU and gypboard interior walls. Building is fully sprinkled and fire alarm system connected to the campus system. Office spaces, classrooms and restrooms are conditioned by a DX split system with VAV distribution. The two large lab areas are not conditioned, with only ventilation air. There is a large extractor for welding fumes located outside the building with duct system to each individual welding booth. Electrical service is 480V three phase with stepdown transformer for 120/208 power. Each lab area is fed from separate electrical panels with emergency shut off buttons in each lab.